Our Home

Our home city is Des Moines. Located in the heart of Iowa, we make our home in the Capital City. Our home bar is the Blazing Saddle located in the East Village and the location of our Beer Bust event held the first Sunday of each month. For more details on our Beer Bust check out our events page.

The Club

The Corn Haulers Leather & Levi Club is a social organization of men and women celebrating the leather & Levi Lifestyle.

The Corn Haulers L & L was founded as the Breeders By Mother Barnes in 1974. The Club adopted the name Corn Haulers L & L Club in 1976. The Club is the oldest LGBT clubs of the ‘60s and ‘70s as evidence by our leather Club vests with our patches and the patches and pins of other Clubs we are associated with.

Mid-America Conference of Club​s​

The Corn Haulers L & L Club is involved in raising money for charities throughout Iowa, focusing on those who work with people living with AIDS. The Corn Haulers were co-founders of the All Iowa AIDS Benefit at the start of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.  As a social organization, the Corn Haulers L & L Club fosters a sense of inclusion, community and family among our membership and with the people of central Iowa by hosting monthly Club Nights and bi-annual Runs, a weekend of food, games and camaraderie with friends from other Leather Clubs and with members of the Leather Community, again loosely based on Run weekends sponsored by the old Motorcycle clubs of the past.

Our Membership

We have five types of memberships: Full,  In or Out of town Associate, Alumni and Honorary. To apply for full and associate membership an application must be submitted along with sponsorship from a current Corn Hauler member. The club votes on the application. If the application for full membership is approved, the applicant then becomes a pledge for a three month period. If the application for associate member is approved then applicant is on probation for up to three months. For more information visit our Membership Page.

Our Conference

The Corn Haulers are proud members of MACC, Mid-America Conference of Clubs. The mission statement of MACC are as follow:

  • To serve as an informational , educational, and social forum for discussion of issues affecting the leather and levi clubs of the region;
  • To coordinate the scheduling of club-sponsored events within the membership as far as is possible;
  • To promote the standards of fellowship, mutual support, and cooperation among member organizations so as to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather community regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, or orientation;
  • To present and promote a positive image of our lifestyle and the Leather/Levi/BDSM/Fetish community with dignity and respect.