​​The Club has different membership options. To apply to any membership type you must be at least 21 years of age. The  qualifications for membership types are as follow:


  • Resident of the State of Iowa and interested in becoming a member. Attend two meetings within a six month prior to submitting an application. During the three month pledge period will attend all general meetings, in-town Club functions, and complete a pledge project.


  • Resident of the State of Iowa and fulfill a pledge period. Will not miss more than three consecutive general meetings, or five per calendar year. Attend not less than three events per calendar year and at least one out of town event per calendar year. Pay Full Member annual dues.

In-Town Associate

  • Resident of the State of Iowa and live within fifty mile radius of Des Moines, Iowa. Attended two meetings within six months prior to submitting application followed by a three month probation period. Attend one meeting and one event. Pay In-Town Associate annual dues.

Out-Of-Town Associate

  • Lives beyond a fifty mile radius of Des Moines IA. Must remain in contact with the club at least once per calendar year. Pay Out -Of-Town Associate dues or Lifetime Membership Fee.